Research Questions

The T-PAC research team is investigating the impact of the T-PAC graduate education model on URM doctoral student preparation and motivation for academic careers. This investigation is guided by the following goals:

Research Goal A: Establish a systemic model that promotes community and joint mentorship of URM students across the alliance institutions.

Research Goal B: Identify mitigating factors to persistence of URMs in STEM graduate degree programs and initiate a cross-collaborative model that provides academic, social, and emotional support to facilitate persistence and completion of graduate programs, as well as successful transitions into STEM academic careers.

Research Goal C: Initiate strategies that provide faculty mentors and advisors with tools for promoting retention and preparation for STEM faculty positions of URM STEM graduate students.

Research Goal D: Define STEM identity for URMs in STEM graduate programs and the impact that STEM identity has on engagement, motivation, persistence, and STEM faculty career selection.