AGEP Symposium session accepted for the 2015 Understanding Interventions (UI)

20-05-15 T-PAC Admin 0 comment

Tuskegee University AGEP program organizes a symposium entitled “Promising Models to Promote STEM Research Careers by Multi-Institution, Multi-Disciplinary Alliances Funded by the NSF’s Graduate Education and the Professoriate-Transformation (AGEP-T) Program”, San Diego, CA, May 16, 2015.

This symposium will host three AGEP Alliances: Tuskegee, Stony Brook and Texas A&M. These three alliances will present about their respective efforts and research findings to-date. The symposium dialogue will shed light on the factors that may adversely impact the academic success of URMs at alliance institutions, and will illuminate positive practices leading to promising strategies that can be widely adopted to gradually increase URM representation in STEM research careers.